Responsibility & Vision

Saving the life of one of our friend’s pets is like saving all animals.

Responsibility & Vision

Social Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility as a veterinary clinic, specializing in pet medicine and a pioneer in this field. Our responsibility begins with awareness campaigns via clinic’s communication pages on various social media platforms, as we follow and monitor cases in need for our help. Our doors are always open for all humanitarian cases, especially for pets that are without shelter and which have been abandoned. Thanks to God, hundreds or even thousands of cases have been fully treated , since the establishment of Elite Veterinary Clinic.

We strive to develop our work and increase our social role by accepting emergency cases which need urgent care as a part of our social responsibility program.

Our mission

At EVC we provide state-of-the-art, high quality, and compassionate care to all our patients at an affordable price. Unlike the stereotypical other vet clinics, we understand that our clients are likely coming to our facility for the first time and are entrusting the care of their beloved family member to a staff which they have never met before at a time when their pet is experiencing an emergency. It can be scary for the owners as well as their pets. We work hard to not only provide excellent care for our patients, but also for their owners and families. Aside from the technology and advanced medicine we practice, we also understand the importance of good old fashioned patient care. Our open floor plan helps owners feel involved with the care of their pets and ensures them we have nothing to hide about the care of their pet. We strive to have a positive impact on the patients, clients, and colleagues that we meet.