how can i book an appointment? do you have another branches?

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing games with your pet can be a rewarding and bonding experience for both you and your pet! Many games can also be a catalyst for reinforcing your basic training concepts with your pet, as well as providing your pet with much needed mental stimulation and exercise.

keen about your pet's appearance, make frequent grooming sessions and we will defiantly observe the difference than before and than other pets.

parking is available , also you can call us before your arrival to ensure empty space for your car , also we can serve you from your car if you want nutrition for your pet animal .

Elite vet. clinic provides varieties of nutrition products for your pet animal for healthy and unhealthy animals like specialized formula for diabetic or allergic animal

sure, EVC has an eminent specialized veterinarians in differed specialties and sub-specialties.

EVC provides also sands for litter boxes accessories, cages , leaches , and a lot of other products which can make your pet happy.

you can easily access EVC social pages, website, EVC app. , EVC will be more than happy by your communications with us.

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